• Physicians prefer an over the wire device for biliary access as it helps in better push-ability; and devices that perform to the best of their ability to reduce procedure time.
  • Our engineers have designed X-Tract as an extra lumen device and with a balloon that inflates to 3 precise diameter at 3 different pressures.​
  • Extra Lumen helps in having a dedicated wire lumen and hence enhances push-ability and precisely inflated balloon minimizes stone slippages during balloon sweeps and hence reduces procedure time.​
Buttom-Image Balloon engineered with improved latex to enhance strength and reliability.
Buttom-Image Balloon can be inflated to three distinct diameters to better accommodate anatomical variations and reduce instrument exchange.
Buttom-Image Dedicated lumen for guidewire, to enhance push-ability and control.
Buttom-Image Atraumatic catheter designed to reduces the chances of tissue trauma. Catheter engineered to increase injection flow rate.


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